ESL: English as a Simple Language

by: Don La Bonte


Welcome to the way I teach English conversation skills.

Learn conversation skills by focusing on basic patterns which convey many key feelings. In the student videos section, you will find a progressive course concentrating on these patterns.

Free You Tube videos introduce and review patterns learned. You can find free PDF verbatim files on all review segments including over 35,000 examples. The pattern guide will highlight the patterns reviewed in each hour.


Click here for a list of the patterns found in the student videos in each progressive hour.  A free PDF copy of the Conversation Patterns book and a brief list of the patterns referring to pages in the book are available.

Instead of students passively listening,  they are actively engaged in each of the review segments prompting them to answer questions.


FREE PDF copies of these books are available in the Conversation Patterns and Conversation Topics sections of the website. 





Complete free YouTube language course available on the following free Podcast apps:


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